My name is Dennis, I am 20 years old and living in the Netherlands.
I'm currently in study for software developer at ROCMN located in Amersfoort.

My interests

My Honda Mopeds

The interest for old Honda mopeds started when I was 13. At this age I got my first moped. Now I'm 20 and have 6 of them. Three of these are restored by myself.


The interest for computers probably started with gaming, from there on I started the employee management IT education. After the internship in a hospital in Nieuwegein my interest for programming started to come forward.


Since the start of 2016 I excercise a new sport called airsoft. The sport is like Paintball but more realistic with more tactics in a game. In the game we use Airsoft guns known as Replica's. These look like real guns but are NOT!

  • Design                
  • Evaluate                
  • Upload                
  • Write                
  • Responsive                

Get In Touch

I'm always open for new projects, any ideas? Or if you just want to talk.
Don't hesitate to mail me!